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With dynamic growth and gradual positive changes in the Indian economy and opening up of the markets for global Investors, in turn have provided ample opportunities for investment through FDI route through Private Equity, Fund houses (domestic & international) & NBFC’s

These sources have become primary sources for project commissioning, development, completion, and refinance. We aim to provide diverse funding options with cost efficient structures to our clients, so that they can avail varied funding options thereby minimizing costs, delays, and maximizing returns.

Funding options include equity, structured debt, bulk inventory underwriting, sale, refinancing, & many other innovative options that provide exits to both the Investors, PE Funds, Banks, NBFC’s, Lenders, and the borrower.

Funding is sourced and structured efficiently to maximise returns and to be perfectly useful to either party enabling performance, pre-committed returns and coupon rates, and also capture any upside on the returns in case of windfall profits.

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